Saturday, August 6, 2011

Play house...

Wow, I haven't posted in the longest time. Not much crafting has been going on around here. Sleep hasn't been fabulous for a while. It seems as though the kids are sometimes doing a tag team, all night marathon. Just as one goes back to sleep, the other wakes up... so, by the time the kids are asleep, house tidied, etc., I am beat and just want a few moments to relax, before heading to bed myself. There are a few projects that I have completed which I am going to post over the next few days (hopefully!).

So, the playhouse. This was made as a gift for my daughter's first birthday. I first came across the idea of making a playhouse while reading one of my favourite blogs, homemade by jill. Here is a link to her tutorial on how to make a felt playhouse, if you want details. Her house is super amazing. Here is a picture of the one that I made. 

When I first decided to make a playhouse, I thought, 'hey, this should be a quick project'. Well, cutting and sewing the flowers and vegetables was fairly straight forward, but the other parts were much more involved. This was to be solely my creation, however, as her birthday quickly approached (just days remaining), and when it became apparent that this was not a quick project, it was a wee bit more involved than I had anticipated. So, I started recruiting, and soon my husband was on the job. He joined in with enthusiasm (!). He created a (very, difficult to sew) detailed red bird and a beautiful sunflower. I would work away on the sewing machine, while he would cut out various objects for the house.

We had lots of fun working on this project and we were super happy with the finished house. I am not much of a sewer (really), so at times this project, especially the three-dimensional aspect, was quite a challenge for me.

Our daughter continues to enjoy the playhouse, mostly she enjoys going inside for tea parties, and playing peek-a-boo through the window or mailbox. Recently, my cat has adopted this as her new home. She perches on top and bats at anyone who tries to enter the house. She often goes inside and curls up in a corner of her cozy little home. As you can imagine, felt and cats do not go well together.

I really like the interactive parts of the house... you can pick flowers, vegetables from the garden, or pick an apple from the tree. I can't wait until my younger daughter is interested in playing with the house. I am sure there are many more tea parties to be had.